Dogs are willing to rescue their owners from attacks, fires, and even drowning, but are humans willing to accept even a tiny amount of heroism from their canine companions? One lady from the United States shown that she is willing to donate the shirt off her back. Literally.

This story became viral as a result of passersby who shared it on social media.

On one particularly chilly and windy day, they came upon a lady and her dog in the vicinity of a post office. Because dogs were not permitted in the building, the owner was forced to leave her canine companion outside. However, the lady became concerned that it would be too chilly to remain outside, so she removed her jacket and placed it on her cat instead. She even buttoned it up to make sure it was secure.

This stylish cutie, of course, could not be ignored by the public. According to onlookers, the dog seemed to be warm and comfortable.

This is an amazing story, right?

By Elen

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