A deaf dog that learns to bark by observing other dogs has the most endearing bark of all. However, unlike many other dogs, her bark is deafeningly quiet!

Tiktokker @lind saymyname uploaded the lovely video of Reggie and said that Reggie has seen other dogs doing this, but is unaware that she is expected to make sounds as well.

Reggie was adopted from the Mansfield Animal Shelter in Mansfield, Texas, where he had been living. Despite her large ears, shelter officials assumed she was deaf and suspected she was a mix of Dalmatian bull terrier and other breeds.

She understands two hand signals: sit and down, which she uses often.

Reggie, on the other hand, is still working on her bark. She either has excellent lip-reading skills or she hears a faint sound when her mother asks her to do so.

When Reggie barks, she seems to be in a good mood and pleased with herself, which has gained her a lot of attention. One user remarked in response to the video: “Her grin as she’s barking just does it for me.” The fact that she doesn’t realize she’s different doesn’t seem to bother her; she simply continues smiling.

Other watchers have seen that Reggie’s human communicates with her verbally (which, granted, might be partly for the video.) Many viewers with deaf dogs, on the other hand, indicated that they, too, communicate with their dogs even when they are unable to hear them.

In the words of one individual on Reddit, “My pooch is deaf as well and behaves in a similar manner—she makes chuffing noises when she’s eager or joyful, and she barks when she’s very pumped and chasing a dog in the park.” And you simply can’t stop yourself; it’s difficult not to speak to them even if they are unable to hear you. To be clear, I will say things like “sit/go lie down/high five”; “good girl”; “who’s the prettiest little puppy?” and other such things aloud.

A veterinary technician said that they collaborate with veterinarians. Practically every time a deaf animal is brought in, the fact that it is deaf does not prevent the barrage of baby voices and cooing directed at it in accordance with procedure. “We’re even boarding a dog that is completely deaf right now, and I make it a point to say good morning to her every morning.”

Watch the video here:

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