Some dogs are bred to be house pets, and they provide excellent company, loyalty, and enjoyment for their owners. There are other dogs that seem to be here for a specific reason in their owners’ lives. Some people choose to specialize in a particular area, such as detection or search and rescue, for example. They often get specialized training to prepare them for their jobs.

Another example is a dog that seemed to know what he was meant to be and worked hard to make sure he had the chance to do so.

There are 11 returns.

Gumby is a seven-year-old hound that is well-known for his proclivity for escaping from his owners. The stray dog was picked up and sent to the Charleston Animal Society, where he is now a homeless dog. It is a no-kill shelter in South Carolina that has been in operation for more than a century, protecting animals from being put to death.

Gumby, unlike other unfortunate homeless dogs, has been adopted by a family that is more than delighted to provide him with a loving home. In reality, he was adopted by seven different households. This was only possible because Gumby had a habit of running away from his adoptive family after just a few days of living with them, which made it possible for them to do so.

Gumby was sometimes picked up as a stray by shelter workers after they believed he had arrived at his new home. There were also moments when his adoptive family had to relinquish custody of him. This is due to the fact that he kept fleeing, and they were concerned that he might be wounded or go lost. They just couldn’t deal with his daring escape.

Gumby was taken to the shelter a total of 11 times in his life.

There is a reason for living.

Upon closer inspection, the Charleston Animal Society’s employees discovered that the escapes had only occurred outside of the facility. When he was there, he made no effort to do anything. Furthermore, they’ve discovered that Gumby has a considerable impact on the other canines in their care. The escape artist appears to bring out the best in the other puppies, who seem to like being around him.

He has the capacity to modify his own behavior in order to make other canines feel more comfortable in his presence and in the presence of the shelter workers. As a result, they decided to retain Gumby for the foreseeable future and integrate him into their behavioral team.

Staff believes that Gumby may have realized that he was needed at the shelter and that he wanted to fulfill that need by volunteering.

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