Take a look at how happy this tiny kitty is in his new mobile home. Fortunately, he was discovered by a team of diligent recruiters. When he was located, he was dragging his body with his front legs.

Joe, a stray cat that was rescued in the autumn of 2018, was confined to a wheelchair. The little cat’s hind legs seemed to be paralyzed, therefore it was decided to rescue this vulnerable animal from the streets and provide him the medical attention he needed.

Stray cats like this kitten are taken up by Meow Village, which helps them find new homes. His rear legs were immobilized and he was unable to walk, according to rescuers who assumed Joe had been paralyzed. Sheila Burdick, who had previously fostered two one-eyed cats, helped Joe locate a fantastic foster home for his new kitten.

During his time with his new foster home, Joe was given a wheelchair by the Portland-based Back On Track Veterinary Rehabilitation Center. In an interview with local media, Burdick noted that unless Joe practices and builds some core strength, he probably won’t be able to play and run as much as other cats.

“Aw man,” Burdick said last year. ‘How dare you,’ I say. At the very least, they won’t have to assist him up the stairwell.

His new moniker, Turbo Joe, is a reflection of the renewed energy he has experienced after being fitted with his wheelchair.

To help Joe locate a new home, a group of people gathered behind him and worked to get him back on his feet. And it worked, too. After he was given up for adoption, Turbo Joe was taken in by a family that could care for him. It’s a sweet Instagram account devoted to Turbo Joe’s new cat brother Sidekick Slick now that he’s mobile.

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