Introduce yourself to Ketama, a Spanish Greyhound with an uncommon yet intriguing characteristic: the two-year-old has a long (very long) neck that reaches 25 cm in length. Although the dog’s long neck is a distinguishing trait, her inspirational narrative is what makes her stand out from the crowd even more than her long neck.

Having had a difficult childhood, Ketama has had a difficult start in life. It happened because her previous owner was more interested in hunting than other things, so she was abused.

The majority of those that raise them, particularly in Spain, consider them to be nothing more than tools for hunting and racing since their speed and slim build are ideal for these activities. Spanish hunting is also an important culture in Spain, which is why the inhumane treatment of Spanish greyhounds is very hard to remove from the country.

They are considered disposable tools by those who train them for hunting and racing activities, and when they underperform before and after such activities, they are killed or discarded. And that’s precisely where Ketama originated from in the first place.

A couple called Monique Morsink, 30, and Martjin ten Voorde, 31, intervened and took her to the Netherlands, where she remained until she was rescued by a third party.

When Ketama’s new mother walks her new greyhound around the streets, she admits that people’s eyes are always drawn to her, mostly because of her long neck, which she attributes to the breed’s long neck. According to Monique, her dog is somewhat taller, but just in the neck when compared to other female dogs of the same breed. Another surprising information she revealed to us was that Ketama’s body measurements are those of a male!

However, the list of amazing facts about the rescued greyhound does not stop there. Monique also said that Ketama is very nimble, which explains why she can quickly escape from a standard harness without exerting any effort. That is why she must be restrained with a collar as well as a safety harness to prevent her from running away.

The items that Ketama conceals beneath her sleeves are not the only things that are startling (err, collar). According to her mother, she is also a playful and intelligent canine companion.

Monique recalls with fondness a morning when Ketama was genuinely “planning something,” which she only learned when it was too late. Ketama, according to Monique, began sobbing when she placed her ball beneath the table while she was eating at the table. She bent to get the ball, but the cunning Ketama sprang to her feet and took her delicious food from under her feet!

The female dog does, in fact, have a few unusual characteristics. Monique and her husband, on the other hand, are still delighted and glad to have her as a part of their lives.

Ketama was one of the numerous rescue institutions that existed in Spain, all with the same purpose in mind: to preserve Galgos (Spanish Greyhounds) from cruelty and neglect. The fact that Ketama, a once-neglected Spanish Greyhound, is now enjoying the affection of her new and permanent family, is real evidence that their efforts are bearing fruit.

By Anna

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