Dog owners are well aware of their canine companion’s fondness for food. Dogs need to be able to satisfy their hunger with a good meal, no matter how simple their snack is

Consequently, when its fur father refuses to provide it with more goodies, the pup lashes out. It seems that the dog wants Dad to know how upset he is with his choice, as it makes a point of slamming the door in his face.

Do you mind if I have another?

In this amusing but endearing video clip, a mixed-furred doggo is seen sitting on the floor laughing. From a distance, it seems as if the dog is just enjoying a break in a comfortable setting.

However, as soon as the canine lifts its head, a man’s voice can be heard in the background saying something. The guy then informs the dog that there is no more food available without wasting a second.

After not taking any time to think about it, the guy extends his hand to the bemused canine and motions for it to return to its den. However, the obstinate canine refuses to go away, forcing Dad to continue making threatening motions in an attempt to drive the pup away.

Why am I not allowed to consume any more food?

Because of the way things are looking, the canine is tempted to approach Dad and beg for more rewards. On the other hand, Dad is resolute about not caving into the pup’s demands, telling him over and over again that there is nothing he can do.

As a result, the dissatisfied canine has no option but to obey Dad’s orders. The dog walks calmly towards the stairwell without so much as a glance in his direction.

However, when the doggo arrives at the location, he opens the metal gate with force, causing it to fall into the wall on purpose, clearly irritated. The dissatisfied canine then goes to the stairwell to mope about.

In response to his canine companion’s cute complaint, Dad can’t help but giggle with delight at its adorable style of objects. If you don’t want to miss this canine’s amusing way of protesting, be sure to watch the video clip below:

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