Tabby was initially wary of Morgan as she adjusted to her new surroundings, but Morgan knew they were meant to be close friends.

Morgan’s mother, Cynthia Roseberry, told The Dodo, “After a while, she truly mellowed and began craving his attention.” “He called her “his daughter” almost from the beginning.”

Despite the fact that Morgan has Asperger’s Syndrome, he has always valued his connection with his best friend Tabby above all else. Morgan and Tabby had been best friends since they were kids and had been for the past ten years. When Tabby died of natural causes last September at the age of 16, Morgan was heartbroken.

Roseberry characterized him as “broken in his heart.” His funeral arrangements were made, and the whole family came to pay their respects.

Because Morgan’s closest friend, Tabby, had died, Morgan needed time to mourn and process his loss. The day before Morgan’s 18th birthday, he informed his family that he was finally ready to acquire another cat, and they planned to adopt a kitten and surprise Morgan with her at his birthday party.

At the celebration, Morgan discovered cat toys in one of his presents, which he promptly unwrapped. For a while, he was bewildered – but then he realized what he needed to do.

As soon as Morgan opened the container and lovingly placed his new kitten inside, he burst into tears. He was still heartbroken at the loss of Tabby, but he was thrilled to have a new cat in his life. When he saw the movie “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride,” it made him want to name his new cat Vitani after Simba from the movie.

Morgan’s party guests were pleased to see him with Vitani, who had been invited to the party. They were all aware of how terrible it had been for him to lose Tabby, and they were all thrilled to be able to aid him in beginning the new chapter of his life in the company of Vitani.

Morgan and Vitani have already begun to form an incredible bond that will last a lifetime. Despite the fact that Morgan will never forget Tabby, he is pleased at the prospect of having another kitten to care for and will give her the same delightful, love-filled existence that he provided for Tabby.