In a set of heart-warming photographs, a worried puppy sits in front of the front door, waiting for her ailing father to return home. One of the most beautiful animals we know, which we call dogs, had a heartbreaking moment.

Katie Snyder has been the proud owner of Leia since the adorable German Shepherd was a puppy. Although she enjoys spending time with her grandparents as much as any other dog, Leia was especially delighted when her mother had the opportunity to take her to her parents’ home. Katie’s father and Leia had other plans for her when she was meant to be there for a short period of time.

In spite of her strong personality (which is characteristic of German Shepherds), Leia enjoys being lavished with attention by her parents and grandma. Perhaps this is why she was able to form such a strong emotional relationship with them.

In an interview with The Dodo, Katie stated that Leia “is not your normal cuddling puppy” since she is “very independent.” However, she loves each and every one of her people in her own way. “Whether it’s by lying next to you during movie night or by waiting outside the bathroom door until you’re finished,” she says.

However, it wasn’t until the man had to stay in the hospital overnight without his best friend, Leia, that Katie and her mother realized how strong the relationship between him and Leia was.

Katie’s parents were on the verge of having a nightmare when their celebration nearly turned into a nightmare. When Katie’s father became sick, they were out enjoying supper with friends. After being admitted to the hospital later that night, his wife was required to return home. Everyone, of course, was worried about the man’s physical condition, but Leia was by far the most distraught of the group of people.

As soon as she realized that only her grandmother had returned home, she sat in front of the door, put on the saddest expression she could muster and waited an hour for her human to arrive back at the house. Her mother took a few images of Leia and gave them to Katie as a Christmas present.

As Katie said, “I fell into tears as soon as she emailed me the image.” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. As a result, I was able to realize how much [Leia] actually loved my father and how much she missed him. ”

Fortunately, Katie’s father arrived home the next day, and Leia couldn’t keep her enthusiasm from bursting out when she realized he had come home. Even though Katie had intended to merely leave Leia at her parents’ house for a few months, she was moved to make the decision to keep her there indefinitely after seeing the relationship they have.

“When it comes to loyalty, she is the epitome of what it means to be a dog.” “He has become her human,” the young lady went on to say.

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