Buzu, a homeless dog, was discovered wandering the streets of Romania, looking for companionship.

None of us knew where he came from, but all he ever desired was a human’s touch of affection and a place to call his own,

Buzu’s attempts to find love, on the other hand, were met with cold indifference by the majority of strangers.

Some people would occasionally throw food his way, but for the most part, he had to rely on scavenging for food in the city’s filthy trash to survive. He had nothing but a flimsy cardboard box to use as a makeshift shelter.

He finally became depressed as a result of his filthy existence on the streets. He became ill with severe mange, and the abrasive scavenged food caused his teeth to become destroyed.

As soon as the flea-infested Buzu was discovered by rescuers from “Howl Of A Dog,” he was lying helplessly, waiting for an end to his loneliness and suffering.

The rescuers were successful in gaining Buzu’s trust after considerable work. He cried and cuddled up to his rescuers when Buzu finally recognized that he was being saved. He was then transported to the shelter, where he received much-needed bathing and medical attention.

Buzu grew up to be a very loving and friendly dog, and he continued to develop. The shelter was able to place Buzu in a wonderful permanent home in England, where his new mother owns and operates a dog daycare center. To top it all off, Buzu is accompanied by a cat and a dog that keep him company at all times. It appears as though Buzu will never be alone again!

Click the video below to watch Buzu’s amazing story of rescue and his journey into a loving forever home!

By Elen

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