Many people on the Internet have recently expressed their delight at an amusing video showing the interaction between a fearless small fox and a kitten as they attempt to become friends.

Jennifer Rutter, the lady who submitted the video, shared a heartwarming narrative about how it came to be. Since February, she claims, her home has been graced by a unique visitor: a little fox who has been peering in and communicating with her via the window. And it didn’t seem that Rutter was worried by the appearance of the visitor from the wild.

“She comes out as quite pleasant and gentle,” Rutter said. It’s great to have her in my yard, except from the detritus she leaves in my garden. She’s a great addition to the neighborhood.”

The fox would always bring a wonderful present with it when it came to see her at home. Occasionally, it would be chicken drumsticks, occasionally it would be a single sausage, and other times it would be bits of bread. Rutter was overjoyed by these gifts since she was well aware of how much love the animals had for her.

Aside from the lady, there were a number of other people who had encounters with the fox. As soon as the wild animal arrived at Rutter’s residence, it wanted to make friends with Dodo, Rutter’s cat.

In Rutter’s words, “Dodo was sitting on my knee, and I pointed out the fox to her.” The fox was drawn in by her leaping up to the glass, and I immediately began filming her. The interaction between them was something I’d never seen before, and it was really poignant to witness them reflecting one other.”

The adorable moment when the two “paw” toward each other through the glass was captured in the following video:

It was just so cute to see the way they befriended each other. The fox, as Rutter shared, was playful and curious. She didn’t think it could be a threat for Dodo.

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