Let us introduce you to Little Raven, a charming Tamaskan husky puppy who was looking for a new playmate with whom she could grow up.

Instead of relying on Raven’s human mother, Christina, to find him a best buddy, she took Raven to a shelter and trained him to do it himself.

It had been a long-held dream of mine to have a dog and a cat as children. For Christina, who owns the dog, it’s been “like a lifelong dream.”

I wanted them to be able to get along well, so I wanted him to really meet the cat and the cat to get along with the dog as well.

Because Raven was still a puppy when they arrived at the shelter, she seemed to be in no rush to find a new closest buddy.
Tiny Raven was shown four adorable kittens, but none of them seemed to be really interested in her, with the exception of one, a little furball called Woodhouse.

This was the day when Woodhouse not only found a new permanent home, but he also found a new closest buddy for the rest of his life in Little Raven.
The couple is still inseparable one year later, and “they are wonderful for one other,” says their friend.

They work together on everything and provide a helping hand whenever possible. They like taking naps together and assisting one another with cleaning.

They have a great time napping together!

The cuddling they used to do when they were puppies and kittens has diminished significantly. However, they’re always together, always playing together, “says the author.

They even celebrate birthdays together.

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