Shortcake is a cute dog that came dangerously close to losing her life at the hands of a monster. The beautiful puppy was discovered behind a shed in Jackson, Mississippi, drenched in blood, and it was immediately adopted. The fact that the dog was able to survive is a credit to her strength of character.

Shortcake was found with gunshot wounds to both of her front feet as well as her chest by the staff at Coco’s House Sanctuary and Rescue. In addition to her injuries, she was very malnourished and seemed to have been mistreated before to being shot.

Shortcake’s front feet had to be removed after many procedures were performed in an attempt to preserve her life. Despite the best efforts of doctors, the bone damage to her feet was too serious, and the absence of blood supply to each foot made it impossible to save them.

“We are focusing on utilizing her legs to move rather than army crawling, which is what she wants to do,” Coco’s House said on their Facebook page. Every day brings her one step closer to her new legs!

Because Shortcake is driven by food, her physical therapy team works with her to help her gain muscle strength. Currently, she is undergoing laser treatment as well as bandage changes and rehabilitation. As she starts her road to a new life, she will be fitted with prosthetic to help her move forward.

We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, Shortcake!

By Elen

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