All dog rescue stories are heartwarming, but there is something in particular about a Pit Bull rescue that makes us feel warm to the core. Tater Tot was discovered chained to a pole all by himself.

Unfortunately, this poor baby, who needed all of the love and care in the world was instead dumped into the trash. More than anything else, he needed a genuine second opportunity to redeem himself.

At the time of his discovery, Tater Tot had suffered severe internal damage. He was also suffering from a nasty cold. This was really serious given his age. He required surgery as well as the appropriate intervention to assist his little body in moving forward. Tater Tot was able to get the medical attention he required thanks to contributions received via Facebook.

Tater Tot expressed his appreciation for the procedure with a kiss and a wag of his tail. Despite popular belief, dogs are capable of understanding whether they are receiving the care and attention they need.

Nothing, however, could be ruled out completely. The little guy’s health was still in a precarious state. People from all around the globe continued to pray for him and for his family. People who had never met Tater Tot posted his portrait on social media and requested for further prayers. The small puppy was unquestionably fortunate!

And then, like the tiny miracle that he is, Tater Tot started to show significant improvement. His foster family accepted him after just two weeks, and he immediately fell head over heels in love with the woman who took care of him. Tater Tot had the opportunity to experience what it was like to be a puppy for the first time. He was in a secure and loving environment. He has a collection of toys. It was just fantastic!

But suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, Tater Tot became ill again! He was unable to keep food down, and his foster mother hurried him back to the team of veterinarians and technicians who had treated him before. Once again, the rescue team requested prayers for the unfortunate youngster. And once again, people rushed to their own social media profiles to express their support for him.

Tater Tot was taken back to the operating room as soon as he was stable enough. The procedure was a complete success. And since Tater Tot is such a tiny warrior, he was able to bounce back immediately. This little boy was able to return to his foster mother because of his persistence and the power of prayer!

Tater Tot was able to make a complete recovery five months after the accident. That’s when he finally got to meet his “Forever Father!” The two were instantly attracted to one other. Tater Tot is now enjoying the life of his dreams. His father pamper him (because he is deserving of it!) and enjoys taking him on exciting outings.

The rescuers, a courageous medical staff, and a patient foster mother have all worked together to ensure that the puppy that was left tethered to a pole has the best life possible. When it comes to saving a dog like Tater Tot, it takes a village, but it is SO WORTH IT!

Thank you to everyone! Watch the whole video to learn more about this wonderful dog!

By Elen

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