If you have a dog, you’ve definitely had innumerable instances when you wished you could simply pick up the phone and call your dog at home to see how he was doing to see how he was doing.

Dogs can’t precisely pick up the phone and start talking to you, but with a little assistance, they may just be able to speak with you over the telephone.

Just look at the dog in the touching video below if you don’t believe me. Stanley the Airedale has made it a point to communicate with his mother over the phone on a regular basis. Stanley takes up the phone (with some assistance from his father) while the lady is at work and misses her. He then has a charming chat, which includes him singing, with the woman.

Stanley is without doubt a very smart pup and the way he does his best to let his mom know just how much she misses her over the phone is one of the cutest displays of affection you’ll ever see in a dog.

If you believe that dogs have a method of connecting with their people that is more than just words, please spend a few minutes to watch Stanley interact with his owner. You will not be disappointed!

By Elen

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