Animals such as dogs and cats may form lifelong friendships. They form a strong bond and are frequently unable to separate themselves from one another. Because of this, some individuals choose to adopt two dogs at once. That way, they’ll never be alone and can always rely on one other.

Dogs and their owners may have a particular relationship, too!

In Fulmine and Leonardo’s situation, it isn’t unusual to see a four-footer and his or her owner doing everything together.

For more than seven years, Fulmine and Leonardo were each other’s closest friends in Italy.

Sara Sechi, Leonardo’s daughter, still talks fondly of their time together when asked about it years later.

Sechi described them to The Dodo as “extremely loving.” “They were constantly hugging.”

Leonardo passed away tragically after a long battle with a serious disease.

Unfortunately, he was no longer able to care for Fulmine.

Leonardo’s relatives took care of Fulmine while he was in the hospital, but it was obvious that the four-footer just missed her owner so much.

“Fulmine would rush to the gate every time a vehicle arrived, thinking it was my father,” Sechi says.

Fulmine and the rest of Leonardo’s family were devastated when he passed away.

Leonardo’s ultimate resting place was located by the dog, who had been searching for him for so long.

Sechi, the man’s daughter, went to put flowers at the grave of their beloved father and grandpa after he was buried.

Seeing that they weren’t the only ones visiting his burial surprised them.

Fulmine had already arrived at the location.

All by himself, he made his way to Leonardo’s last resting place.

The journey lasted more than two miles.

Fulmine, on the other hand, was able to find his way there on his own.

Fulmine, on the other hand, was on the lookout for his master, and he eventually found him in the wide countryside.

No matter how sad he appeared, Fulmine seemed to understand that his master was now resting here and would not be returning home.

Sara said, “I didn’t expect to find him there.” As far as I know, he hadn’t gone to the funeral. There is no way I could have known where to find him.”

In addition to this, it wasn’t a one-off incident. Even though Fulmine is said to visit Leonardo’s tomb daily, this is not confirmed.

According to what we know, he travels to that location every day.

Nobody has an idea how Fulmine even knew where to go, and they’re all stunned.

His devotion to my father, I believe, is guiding him in this decision.” “Either that or my father took him there,” Sechi remarked. This is one of those bizarre occurrences for which there is no clear explanation.

Until recently, Fulmine was living with Sara and her son.

The two of them are quickly becoming great friends, despite the fact that Leonardo will never be replaced or forgotten

“It makes me emotional to think about how much my father loved Fulmine, and how much Fulmine loves him,” the woman concluded. “It’s heartbreaking to see him break down, but we’ll get through this together.”

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