After posting his video on Facebook with a cat clinging to his body, Ryan Coleman, the Engine Captain of the Fairview Valley Fire Department in California, made people’s hearts flutter.

When the Paradise wildfire broke out in 2018, he saved a cat near the scene.

His film demonstrated that the cat refused to let go of him while he was carrying out his woodland duties, so he continued to work while the kitten clung to him.

Kitty comes to the rescue.” As I walked about, she simply relaxed on my neck and shoulders, “he said in the description of the Facebook photo.

Let’s take a stroll together. What is our destination? “We’re just strolling about,” Ryan says in the adorable little clip.

Both the cat and Ruan seem to be enjoying themselves while cuddling up together.

The video received several comments encouraging the fireman to take her home, but he still had an important job to do as the damage caused by the flames persisted.

“You definitely have to keep her if no one else claims her; she loves you!” one person said in response to another.

“I wish it were that simple.” Then he answered another by saying, “I’m still out here.”

The Camp Fire is underway, and shift # 1 has begun on the site of the disaster. On social media, he expressed his heartfelt condolences to the more than 2,000 families that had their houses destroyed, as well as to all those who had lost loved ones.

My team and fellow firefighters are in my thoughts and prayers. I’m thrilled to be here to provide a hand, and I’m eager to get to work on the projects we’ve got planned!”

Ryan is definitely an animal enthusiast, as seen by his social media accounts, which include photographs of him with dogs and a young goat.

Watch this video below:

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