There’s just one bus stop in a tiny town, which is convenient. In fact, it’s quite a busy stop! Moreover, it is the only one that travels in and out of town, as well as into the city. Oddly enough, there is just a little dog waiting there alone. In the event that someone attempts to apprehend him, he runs. And he moves quickly! Every time a bus arrives, he dashes to the curb as if he’s looking for someone.

Visitors to the community who are unfamiliar with the dog are under the impression that it has been abandoned. They often inquire as to if he is waiting for his cruel owner to return. Each bus arrives at its destination with a jolt of excitement. When he realizes that his owner isn’t there, he returns to the bus stop and begins the waiting process all over again.

The reality is that this dog has a fascinating story to share! Years ago, he was abandoned and sadly killed when he was struck by a vehicle. One of the few people who stopped to assist him was an elderly woman. She was very poor, but that didn’t stop her from taking the dog home and taking care of him back to health. Bal Bal was the name she gave him.

Bal Bal stopped with the help of the kind-hearted woman. Her grandchildren refer to her as “Grandma.” Grandma is poor, but she does her best with Bal Bal. Because she cannot afford a permanent fence for Bal Bal, she constructed a makeshift kennel to keep him warm on chilly days.

Bal Bal, on the other hand, was astute.

Each and every time Grandma needs go to the store for supplies, he manages to break out from the kennel and chase after her. This, according to Grandma, is due to his intense devotion to her as a result of his saving her life. The bus station is where Bal Bal will wait for Grandma, no matter how many hours she has been absent.

Bal Bal is kept at home by Grandma on cold days, despite her best efforts. However, he always manages to find a way out. He desperately wants to make sure Grandma isn’t alone when she returns to town. Your level of dedication is incredible. Bal Bal tells his human that he loves her without ever expressing a single word. He will be there for her no matter what happens in the future Despite the fact that he is freezing and alone while waiting.

Of course, Grandma is concerned about his well-being and does all she can to ensure it. However, she has been impoverished and feeble since she was a child. She tries all she can to help, but it seems that Bal Bal has his own set of priorities.

By Elen

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