A dog is not a toy or an item. A dog should be considered a member of the family. You can’t just toss it away because it’s valuable.

Many children insistently want a dog as a Christmas or birthday gift from their parents, and many parents agree. If the parents agree, they should be informed that dogs are not purchased to be used or played with for a short period of time until the children get bored.

Bringing a puppy home is a sign of maturity and dedication on the part of the owner. The choice to buy a puppy is often undertaken without consideration of the benefits and drawbacks that pets may have on children’s development.

Dogs provide several benefits to children, particularly those who live alone, without siblings, or whose parents are overworked.

Children benefit from the companionship, affection, and protection provided by a dog. It also ends up being the best friend, the receiver of all of the talks, secrets, feelings, pleasures, and anxieties that happen to the other person.

The presence of a dog helps children become more responsible. Dogs also aid in the health of youngsters since they encourage them to engage in greater physical activity because dogs can keep them highly busy.

Parents should consider and respond to the following four questions before purchasing a dog:

Who will be responsible for the dog?

Despite the fact that children have a strong desire to care for the pet, the truth is that they will either do so partly or decline this obligation at some point, either due to a lack of time or a lack of maturity to take on this job on their own.

This is a duty that falls on the shoulders of the parents. A dog is not a toy that may be thrown away at any time. It is a live entity with feelings and the ability to suffer.

Are there any restrictions or dangers to using this product?

To ensure that no one in the family is allergic to a dog before purchasing one, do a thorough allergy test.

Is it possible to assume the cost?

Food, vaccinations, veterinary examinations, and other costs are incurred in the course of maintaining the animal.

Is there enough room in the house?

Dogs need a physical area, so you should consider where you will put your new family member before obtaining a dog.

If the answers to those questions are positive, consider the possibility of getting a dog for your child. A dog is a companion for the rest of one’s life.

I’m a dog lover, father, entrepreneur, and part-time writer who enjoys writing about dogs. Sharing stories and information about dogs is something I like doing since they are pure love and I learn a lot from them!

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By Elen

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