All of the times that we spend with our family and friends have an indescribable worth that we hold close to our hearts at all times. Also, our dogs, which for many people become like members of the family, experience something quite similar.

However, we are well aware that his journey through this planet has a limit, just as we have had so many experiences by his side. As soon as they get ill and the time comes for them to depart this world, it is the most bitter liquid that no owner wants to have to drink.

No one is prepared to say goodbye in this manner.

It is the drama of Merv Tolentino Dumanat, from Taguig, Philippines, who through his social networks, was sharing for a few months, day after day, his suffering after his beloved dog Shadow was diagnosed, a delicate disease of the blood.

Several others were moved by Merv’s words, and the story of Shadow spread throughout the globe. Millions watched minute by minute as Shadow went through his numerous setbacks and went through his treatments and tests and received his diagnosis and transfusions….

His expectations for a miracle were high at every stage of his dog’s sickness, and the thought of saying goodbye to him was terrifying…

Shadow, the cute Siberian husky, enjoyed heartwarming moments with his owner, and his Facebook page is full with sorrowful comments, which helped to spread the word about Shadow’s plight:

“A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, smart or boring, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he will give you his … Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives complete. Always! ”Merv wrote.

Merv reported Shadow’s crossing the rainbow in the middle of unimaginable agony: “Until, sadly, the unexpected occurred and Shadow crossed the rainbow.”

«I’d lost everything: my dearest friend, my son, my travel companion, and my whole life. Trying to move ahead when every element and object you see in your home, on your phone, and so on is about him is really difficult. “I wish I could do something to alleviate this suffering,” Merv shouted, his voice breaking with emotion.

“These brief lives that our dogs have with us, during which they spend the most of their time waiting for us to return home every day,” he said.

A touching message from Merv was delivered at the painful moment Shadow was laid to rest at Pet Valley Park and Crematory, which was captured on video.

I’m at a loss on where to begin without Shadow in my world. I can’t stop crying and I’m having trouble sleeping. I’m at a loss on how to proceed and relieve the discomfort. I tried all I could to rescue you, my darling, yet I still couldn’t save you. I wish it had been a nightmare from which I would have wanted to have awoken.

Dad hasn’t figured out how to get out of bed without you. There are other more travel objectives. We should have a party to celebrate your birthday. Dad will always be proud of you. I feel as though I’ve lost another piece of my heart and soul in this process. Shadow is the most important thing in my life. “Please, God, assist me!” he exclaimed, striking the most emotional chord among thousands of others in the networks.

Now you can run free. I love you. No more pain, no injections, no medications. I will always love you in every beat of my heart, to the moon and back, “he concluded.

You can see in the movie how Merv and his whole family were sincerely saying goodbye to another relative as they watched it.

It’s a heartbreaking situation!

Indeed, as Merv pointed out, saying goodbye to a loved one is one of the most difficult things someone can do.

You now know that they will be celebrating their sixth birthday on the other side of the rainbow when you reach them. In addition, he expressed gratitude to everyone who had followed the Shadow process and thanked them for the stream of letters of solidarity and support that he had received:

To explain how appreciative I am for all of your kind messages would be impossible with words. I make every effort to read and answer to each and every one of them. I am speechless at how gorgeous it is!”

Make sure to share this heartbreaking news with your friends, and let’s all offer a word of support to Merv and all of the pet owners who are forced to bid goodbye to their devoted pets at this difficult time.

Watch the video below…

By Elen

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