As a result, it is understandable that Osiris would be so welcoming to a fellow rescuer, regardless of size or species.

The two are criminal partners who can’t take the thought of being away from one another; the level of confidence they have in one another is incredible.

In the beginning, there were concerns that the couple would not get along; nonetheless, it didn’t take long until these concerns were rendered obsolete.

They struck it off immediately instantly, and they’ve been inseparable since that time. Osiris often allows Riff Rat to climb into his mouth to brush his teeth since they’re so near to one other, in fact.

“Riff Ratt has a particular fondness for licking the inside of Osiris’ lips. I’m sure you’re asking whether we’re concerned that Osiris may devour Riff” – the answer is NO!

“Osiris has volunteered to foster and care for scores of animals, and he is the gentlest dog I’ve ever encountered,” his owner said on Instagram of his companion.

“Seeing them care for each other and have such an unexpected friendship gives me a tiny bit of hope for the rest of the creatures on this planet — especially humans.”

By Elen

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