In Turkey’s northern province of Samsun, there is an entire “town” dedicated to the shelter of stray cats, which has been constructed and is open to the public. This facility, which is also known as “cat town,” was established inside a 10,000-kilometer woodland region and is housed within a municipal animal shelter.

The Samsun Metropolitan Municipality constructed the facility over the course of two years in order to offer a secure and pleasant habitat for over fifty cats that were previously homeless.

The animal shelter saves cats from the streets and spays and neuters them when they are brought in. The cats are then relocated to the cat village where they will live for the rest of their lives.

The community makes no distinction between cats based on their age or health situation, and it even accepts animals with specific requirements.

The cats are treated before they are allowed to rejoin the rest of the colony of cats.

In many ways, the facility resembles a five-star hotel for felines.

The main objective of the team at this wonderful institution is to ensure that the cats may live out the remainder of their lives in comfort and health as they age.

Hüseyin Aydin is on veterinarian and manager of this animal shelter, and she provides care for the ill cats that are housed at the institution.

Additionally, the town contains a number of bridges, strolling paths, and bungalows for cats to live in, either alone or with a group of other cats if they so desire to do so.

Aside from food and water, the facility provides everything the cats might possible need for their survival and health.

Despite the fact that they are now only housing 50 cats, Aydin believes that they will be able to extend the space in the future to accommodate more.

This area is definitely a Kitty Paradise! Make sure to pass it along to your friends as well!

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