Cats do not always show their feelings in the same manner that humans do. They are obviously affected by emotions, but they each have their own unique manner of expressing themselves. They are envious of you and may be in a poor mood as well.

However, there is at least one cat on the face of the earth that expresses a feeling that is not present. He’s so lovely with his eyelids drooping, and it’s because of this that he’s causing havoc on the Internet.

Maggie Liu Luhu’s cat has been dubbed “the saddest cat in the world” because of her melancholy disposition.

Yes, it seems like he is carrying the weight of the whole planet on his shoulders.

But he is as comfortable as he can be.

After all, who could possibly say no to that expression?

Luhu’s two brothers, Barher and Bardie, do not get nearly as much attention as Luhu does.

Since Luhu was a kitten, it is likely that things have remained this way.

Such cuteness is just too much for the camera to handle.

After all, how awful can life be when you start sleeping all day long?

There are also a plethora of toys to choose from.

And do you have a private playground?

There is always someone willing to provide a hand.

Despite the fact that he must sometimes remind his owners when it is time to eat.

So don’t be concerned — the saddest cat in the planet is in excellent health.

With these eyes, he conquers anyone!

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By Elen

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