Stray dogs face many difficulties and struggles. Being struck by a vehicle is one of the horror situations that stray dogs are faced to on a regular basis.

Most of the time, it may be fatal, but it can also result in horrific and terrible injuries in other cases. When a vehicle struck and killed one of the dogs, she found herself in a delicate situation.

A sleepy motorist is suspected to have struck the dog, who was strolling down the street when she was hit, according to reports at the time. In the process, she suffered a horrific damage to her leg.

The unfortunate dog had a dangling limb, which made it impossible for her to walk correctly. Mia was forced to crawl about for over a week in search of food as a result of the leg injury she suffered — all while she was eight months pregnant!

Things were not looking good for her at the time, given her current situation. Fortunately, Mia was spared the prospect of spending the rest of her days in a wheelchair on the streets. Someone called for aid, and it was at that point when Alina came to help Mia.

She was successful in bringing the dog to safety, where she was examined by the veterinarians. And it was also at this point that they made the stunning revelation that Mia was going to be a mother for the first time. Mia was in critical condition, and they realized they had to act quickly in order to bring her back to health so that she could care for her pups.

Given that Mia’s injuries were a broken foot as well as a crushed and displaced ankle, the recovery wasn’t going to be straightforward and easy. Her injuries required surgery to correct them.

Mia was able to make it through with the help of her surgeon, just in time for the delivery of her puppies.

The mom dog recovered well and was able to utilize both of her front legs after the accident. We’re relieved to see that this little family was able to come to a satisfactory conclusion.

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