The cat that is literally blacker than black is taking over Instagram, and it’s not hard to see why.

Cats are in charge of the Internet. That is correct, but there is a valid justification for doing so. They are endearing, fuzzy animals that are constantly able to pique the attention of others by displaying a distinct personality. Others are peaceful, while others who have a kind heart, and yet others who are eccentric in their own manner.

There are hundreds of well-known cats on the Internet, but today we’d like to introduce you to MeonJi, a black Scottish cat that is well-known for its ability to blend in with its surroundings and blend in with people. Over 250,000 people follow him on Instagram because of his unique ability to hide his face.

Learn about MeonJi, a mysterious black cat that has mastered the art of blending in with his environment.

A cat like him will stare into an abyss for lengthy periods of time, and before you realize it, the abyss will be staring back at you.

Initially, his owner, Aerin, set up an Instagram account to showcase the cat’s many characteristics, such as how weird and funny he is. However, she was taken aback when MeonJi quickly rose to fame on social media, much to her surprise.

While it is common for individuals to explore adopting black cats because they believe they would bring bad luck, the reality is the opposite. MeonJi, according to his owner, is just as charming and happy as other cats, despite the fact that he is black.

Because of these distinguishing features, he has taken over Instagram. Let’s have a look at some of his images that have taken the Internet by storm.

See these pics here…

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