Cats are carnivores, to put it bluntly and simply. The protein included in meat allows them to have a strong heart, clear eyesight, and a healthy reproductive system, among other benefits. That is, however, just a hypothesis. In the current world, there are always exceptions to the rule.

One such instance was discovered in Finland, when a cat called Mauri expressed his preference for a plant-based diet, particularly cucumbers, in an open and honest manner. His owner, Heli, said that the cat’s inquisitiveness about all foods led to the development of this unique habit.

Ever since he was a kitten, Mauri has shown great interest in whatever dish I am cooking, and he almost always gets a taste of the cheese or meat I am using. In addition, my regular sandwich has thin cucumber slices on top, so he would ultimately get interested in it as well, and because I know cucumbers are safe for cats to ingest, I would sometimes give him a small piece of it.

Mauri, the strange cat, has just become popular on the Internet, and it’s easy to see why! He has 112K followers on Instagram, where his owner may post photographs of the cat eating cucumbers and even nibbling on some of the cucumbers. All of them are quite beautiful, and some have even been made into artwork that will be put on T-shirts in the future.

The cat has been on television and in the press multiple times, and he has always generated a lot of interest among viewers. In case you wish to view any of Mauri’s videos, he also has a YouTube channel.

“Mauri enjoys crunching on iceberg lettuce from time to time as well, but certainly not as much as he enjoys cucumbers,” the proprietor said.

Was it simply the cucumber that the cat adored, or did he like other veggies as well? Heli conducted an experiment in order to find out the solution. Her favorite veggie, courgettes, was hidden amid a slew of courgettes on a dish. After that, she delivered it to him. Mauri was able to smell out the cucumber in a short amount of time and locate it almost immediately!

Heli didn’t think it was strange that cats liked cucumbers since she used to have a dog that liked veggies as much as cats did.

Watch Mauri’s video below:

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