Despite the fact that Roadie was abandoned and tied to a tree in Indiana, she has made significant progress.

Roadie was wearing a plastic bottle with a message attached to it from her owner, who said that she needed a nice home with plenty of love in order to survive. Her owner said that he had lost his home and his work as a result of COVID-19 and that he had no option but to surrender her.

It is true that Roadie was adopted into a loving household, and he has also subsequently been assigned a very special job!

White River Township Fire Chief Jeremy Pell was taken aback by the beauty of her deep eyes when he first saw her.

In search of a new Search and Rescue K9 for his department, he discovered the two-year-old Shepherd mix, who he thought would be excellent for the job.

Eventually, Chief Pell chose to adopt her from the Johnson County Animal Shelter, and she was given the name “Rosie.”

Rosie has now been give a second chance at life and a job that helps people.

She’s currently being trained as a Search and Rescue dog for White River Township Fire, as well as the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department.

Rosie, according to Chief Pell, is extremely intelligent and has a personality that is an ideal fit for a Search and Rescue dog.

She is neither energetic nor quiet, and a dog with the proper balance, such as Rosie, is precisely what a search and rescue dog need.

When Rosie is done training for the day, she goes home with Chief Pell, where she is loved and spoiled…

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