Everyone in Brisbane was surprised by the courage of a German Shepherd.

Because of the dog’s efforts, she was able to stay in the water for more than 11 hours. Her owner was able to get out.

A group of fishermen saw the German Shepherd swimming around some floating objects. They thought something was wrong because the dog kept swimming around and around.

Moreton Bay police came right away when they called them for help.

Later, a helicopter, Coast Guards, and 4 police boats came to help them.

At first, they pulled the dog out of the water and took her to the vet. Heidi was the name of the dog, and luckily, it didn’t get hurt.

In a few minutes, after the dog was saved, the rescue team found Heidi’s owner as well. The old man was climbing on top of the sunken boat and getting on top of it.

The next day, he told how his 13.5-foot boat lost power, took on water, and began to sink.

They were apart at that very moment. As of that moment, Heidi had been swimming for 11 hours until the fisherman saw her.

As a good thing, the owner was not only saved, but he didn’t get any injury, either. This is why he was able to stay alive: because of his brave and loyal dog.

Shortly after this happened, the police department put out a safety message for people who are going to be traveling outside of the country.

Watch the video below…

By Elen

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