Harry Smith is 81 years old and depends on a wheelchair to get around.

When the owner’s wheelchair began to roll down the mountain and into a deep lake, the dog was able to pull him to safety.

During one of the walks with the dog Sarah, he began to slide into the lake.

When the dog noticed that the owner was immersed in water, she swam to his help.

However, she was unable to wheel him out with the wheelchair, so Sarah began barking loudly to attract the attention of onlookers.

The dog was heard by Edward Suhling, Jacob Chaco, and police officer Adam Doty, who all rushed to its rescue.

Then noticed the dog splashing around in the water, and they noticed an elderly gentleman struggling to keep his head above water close.

“I jumped into the water with a friend of mine. Edward Suhling recalls how he and another man “grabbed the man by the arms and I grabbed his legs and together we pulled him to the shore.”

When Harry ended up on the beach, an ambulance was dispatched to take him to the hospital. The man was safe, but his electric wheelchair had been harmed by the water.

“The real hero of the day was this man’s dog,” says the author. “If it hadn’t been with him, we would have missed the fact that something had happened,” Edward Suhling explained.

By Elen

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