On arrival, they saw a severely burned guard dog, screaming out in agony and chained to a tree, which was upsetting enough to cause even the hardest heart to melt.

One of the members of the team was able to free him and transport him to the Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center in Jupiter, Florida.

As Gordon told The Palm Beach Post, “the tiny fellow had been quite badly burned.” We had to wrestle him out of his agony even after we had him in our grasp. His survival had me worried. “I was concerned about his health.”

Dr. Latimer is a veterinarian at JPESC, and he was on call the night the burnt pup, dubbed Smokey, was brought in. He saw that the worst of the burns were on Smokey’s posterior, and he called the authorities.

Fortunately, Dr. Latimer said that Smokey would be OK, despite the fact that he would need a great deal of therapy and care before he could recover.

Smokey required several blood transfusions (thank you, “Shadow”), daily bathing, and bandage/wrap changes during his stay at JPESC, according to a Facebook post from the hospital. Having more treatments in the hyperbaric chamber helped to reduce the edema and pain caused by the many burns.

As soon as Smokey walked through the door of the rescue facility, he became apprehensive and afraid. After some time had passed, he began to feel at ease with the veterinarians and nurses that were around him.

The firemen who had brought him in would often pay him visits, and one day, Captain Gordon made the decision to temporarily foster him while he was still healing.

Smokey was overjoyed to discover that Captain Gordon had two other dogs at home, and he was overjoyed to have new pals to play with.

Smokey was taken back to JPESC for a regular check-up a week after Captain Gordon picked him up and took him home. Smokey sprang to his feet and embraced Dr. Latimer as soon as he entered the room.

Fortunately, the time came for Smokey to be legally adopted by Dr. Katelyn Thomas, another veterinarian at the facility who had fallen in love with him.

She gave him the name Fen, and the couple has been together and happy for a number of years.

That reaction is heartwarming! You can see how grateful Smokey is to be saved and how much he loves the angels that rescued him!

Check out this hear-breaking video here:

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