An unexpected way was devised by the dog, which allows her to get even more affection from humans.

Alyson was running when she saw a little white puppy on the pavement.

She was wearing a collar, but there was no leash attached to her and no sign of her owner.

Because the dog was looking at her very plaintively at the same time, the child came to the conclusion that the dog had gone missing.

The owner of the dog had left an enormous sign, which was attached to a nearby fire hydrant, which Alyson saw as she got closer.

“My name is Harper. This is where I live. In order to get you to stop and pet me, I pretend to be lost.

In addition, Harper’s Instagram account was also mentioned.

It is known that the dog was formerly homeless, but she has been with her current family for more than three years.

In spite of always being surrounded by affection from her new owners, Harper feels quite happy when people take notice of her and recognize her.

She regularly runs out into the street to get to meet everyone.

Owners were required to let the dog have independent walks, but the owner chose to post a notice so that no one would take Harper away from her.

Harper is able to stop multiple people on the street in a single day, and youngsters even stopover on a daily basis to play with her.

By Elen

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