Memphis Rose was severely injured in an accident, and she was unable to move and was confined to her bed.

Volunteers from the charity fund made the decision to try to bring a little happiness to the child.

Memphis Rose, six years old, was riding in the backseat of her grandmother’s and uncle’s automobile when the three of them were involved in an accident.

The girl received numerous injuries, a fracture of the spine and cardiac arrest.

Doctors were able to save her life by performing a miracle, but the kid was left paralyzed from the neck down.

Memphis was terrified when she first opened her eyes in the hospital since she was connected to a ventilator and could not feel her own body. She had been unconscious for a long period of time.

In addition, the girl’s uncle died in the accident, and her grandmother was injured. The girl was in an atmosphere of grief and anxiety.

Memphis received assistance from the local organization “Chasin A Dream.” They got in touch with her family to find out what she enjoys doing. It turned out that she had a soft spot for dogs.

When a dog named Juliet was brought to Memphis, physicians and parents were relieved to see her smile for the first time in several weeks.

The dog helped the child forget about the agony, the loss of loved ones, and the accident, at least for a short period of time.

The puppy is transferred to the hospital in Memphis on a daily basis. In addition, the dog will be trained to become a helper for the girl.

Memphis has not yet been subjected to severe physical rehabilitation. Despite the fact that doctors believe she will never be able to walk again, they are hopeful that treatment and rehabilitation can make her life a little easier.

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