Pet owners regularly leave their animals in the middle of the night, and the world has become a cruel place. Even when it comes to babies! There have been numerous reports of mothers and their children being left in a box (or worse).

Two years ago, a mother cat and her litter of six kittens were placed in a box and dumped on the streets of Orlando, Florida. The animals were saved by Broward County Animal Care, and members from the organization immediately began looking for a foster home for the kittens.

It didn’t take long for one of the kittens’ caregivers to fall head over heels in love with them. When Amanda Kruczynski brought them all home, everything seemed great.

The kittens were growing nicely and appeared to be in good health. Meeseeks was one of the kittens who stood out from the rest of the litter because he was visibly odd. Unlike his siblings and sisters, this strange kitten was considerably smaller and didn’t seem to move much at all. His fur was the thing that stood out the most. The kitten’s fur has a felt-like texture, giving him the appearance of a plush toy rather than a real cat!

In the beginning, no one believed Amanda or her photographs. People informed her that they were fake, but she was well aware of the truth. Amanda paid particular attention to Meeseeks because he was so much smaller than the rest of the group. Meeseeks grew up to be a huge boy who followed Amanda around the home when he was given the necessary care.

A few weeks later, all of the kittens became ill with distemper, a feline disease that can be fatal. Fortunately, all of them made it out alive, even the small fighter Meeseeks. When the kittens were ready to be adopted after a few months, they were placed in loving homes. Amanda eventually found homes for all of the kittens, but she was unable to part with Meeseeks. She made the decision to adopt him and followed through with it.

Even though all of the kittens recovered from distemper, Meeseeks was smaller and less developed than the others, and the kitten was still in shock several weeks later. He began vomiting on a daily basis, which caused Amanda a great deal of concern.

She took him to a vet where the tiny plush kitty was diagnosed with feline gastrointestinal eosinophilic sclerosing fibroplasia. Despite the fact that the ailment sounds severe, it is actually controllable, and Meeseeks will be able to lead a regular life with Amanda.

His actual personality began to emerge as he increased in size. Despite the fact that the kitten appears to be a plush toy, he is just as active as any other cat. The fact that he is so attached to Amanda and enjoys nothing more than playing with her all day speaks volumes about how much he cares for her.

Now a year old, Meeseeks has grown into quite a handsome boy.

By Elen

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