Deformed kitties rarely get a chance for a normal life. A deformed cat, no matter how lovely and cuddly it is, would never be adopted by the majority of people. But there are still people with a good heart, and that is the type of story we have for you today. Read on to find out more.

Anna Dickerson-Homan is a volunteer animal safer based in Higgins Lake, Michigan. She works with a variety of animals. Anna came upon a kitten with twisted paws in the barn one day while working out on her property. She was accompanied by her brother, and the two of them were in desperate need of assistance. Despite the evident difficulties the smaller cat was having with his bent paws, the kittens were filthy and coated with fleas.

Help Is Required Immediately…

Anna wasted no time to help the kittens. She first put out food and water and they ate properly. A wash and flea treatment were next on the agenda for the day after that. At the end of the day, she placed them on a nice pillow bed and they immediately fell asleep.

Both kittens were born with the condition known as Manx Syndrome. The disorder, which causes kittens to be born without a tail and with spinal deformities, is tough to deal with. Lisa the tabby, on the other hand, appeared to be as happy as any other cat, despite her deformed paws.

After a good night of sleep, Lisa and her brother were completely different cats in the morning. They immediately began to play and jump around, clearly happy that someone had taken care of their needs. Lisa didn’t let anything stand in her way. Despite the fact that her legs are bent, she has the spirit of a healthy cat.

She follows her brother everywhere around the home and amazed Anna with her resolve. Her foster mother took her to the veterinarian to get the bent paws treated. Day by day and week after week, she overcame all hurdles like a champ.

In their foster family, the brother and sister are having a wonderful time and are doing exceptionally well so far. They will be adopted soon, and we hope that they are placed in a loving home since they absolutely deserve it.

By Elen

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