Cats come in a variety of shapes and sizes—some are very athletic, while others are delightfully chubby—but only the best and brightest will rise to the top of the cat world and become popular on social media. Zuu is a promising cat that has captured our hearts with his round face and physique, and we would like to present him to you as a result of this. He’s so round that he almost seems to be a fluffy ball of fluff.

A two-year-old longhair cat — a rare breed distinguished by its round, flat features — has come to live with us. Despite the fact that he seems grouchy all of the time, he is really rather lovable and nice. Some individuals believe he represents the sensation they get when their alarm clock begins to sound in the morning.

In addition to Zuu, Bocco (an exotic shorthair cat who is three years old) shares the home with the gorgeous Zuu, and both cats are male. The two felines seem so bloated and dissatisfied with their lot in life that it’s practically impossible not to grin at them. They will, however, guarantee that you will chuckle and that you will want to hug them.

Bocco and Zuu’s owners often post funny pics and videos of their activities on Instagram, where they have amassed an archive of 1,721 posts as of writing this piece. The two cats have now become well-known, having gained more than 46,000 followers on Instagram.

Take a look at the cute images of Zuu and Bocco by scrolling down! This cat is truly spherical, and what you see here is not the result of some kind of magic or photoshop trick.

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By Anna

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