A guy kept a cat near till she felt well and made sure she and her sibling lived happily ever after.

Sam, a grey kitten, and her siblings were orphaned when they arrived to Mini Cat Town, an animal shelter in San Jose, California. Sam had been in foster care since she was four days old and still had her umbilical chord connected.

Laura Malone, a Mini Cat Town director, took them in and began feeding and caring for them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The kittens hadn’t opened their eyes yet, but they were glad to be warm and content.

“In the back corner of her nest, Sam had a favorite location where she fell asleep on her back,” Laura said.

They noticed something was wrong with Sam a few weeks later when she began to lose weight and her appetite dropped. “At this age, kittens are constantly vulnerable; circumstances may change (for the better or for the worst) in the blink of an eye.”

Laura’s husband, aka Foster Dad, arrived to provide assistance since Sam was ill and had lost his energy.

“He enjoys nothing more than comforting humans and animals that are in distress. And he promised Sam that he would keep cuddling her till she felt better “Laura informed .

Sam was wrapped in a nice blanket by Foster Dad, who kept a close check on her throughout the night. He reassured her that she was loved and patted her as she fell asleep in his arms.

As Laura went on to say, “when she did ultimately start to behave more like herself, he quite gladly pronounced her to have been repaired by him.”

Sam recovered her energy and was able to get back on track with the help of many appointments to the veterinarian, fluid treatment, and a modification in her diet. She was eating more healthfully and gaining weight.

Upon her return home after her treatment, Sam jumped onto her foster father’s shoulders for some deep embraces. Sam’s foster father spent a lot of time with her to support her, and she never felt like she lacked affection.

“She was energetic and lively, and she loved spending a lot of time with the other kittens in the group. While Sam was the smallest member of the whole group, she was brimming with personality!”

Sam and her sister Jo created a strong friendship over time. When they were not napping, they were spotted snuggling with one another and helping one another in improving their feline abilities.

They had a great time kneading on a warm blanket together and purring their hearts out.

It became evident that the two sisters would be unable to live apart from one another. They had a lot of fun together and picked up on one other’s enthusiasm. It is said that “these sisters are goofballs, purr monsters, and they would love to live in a new home with plenty of pillows to play in!”

When the kittens were ready for adoption, Sam and Jo were fortunate enough to find the perfect home for them. According to the family’s Instagram account, “it was love at first sight for us.”

“Bootsie, our grey and white cat, passed away unexpectedly. I found Sam and Jo the day after she passed away (now Bear and Bunny). They looked absolutely like our beloved Bootsie, and after a lot of tears, we realized that day that we wanted to have these females as part of our breeding program.”

Bear (formerly known as Sam) has grown into a beautiful cat, and she is no longer a little kitten. She and her sister, Bunny, have been closest friends since the start of history, and certain things never change between them.

‘According to their family, Bear has a strong preference for male people, which I find rather amusing,’ Laura said.

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By Elen

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