It has been shown that a little puppy in Thailand is a highly smart and nice little boy.

After being separated from his owner, the puppy did not panic to fear.

The pup had no idea how to find his owner or how to go back home, but he made the decision to give it his best shot at least. As a result, he began walking throughout the city in search of someone who might assist him.

And when the small dog saw the veterinary clinic where he’d been a few months before, he knew exactly what to do: he ran to the clinic.

The dog marched up to the clinic and took a seat on the sidewalk outside. He was confident that the clinic staff would be able to assist him and reconnect him with his family if he could only attract their attention.

After a little period of time spent waiting outside the clinic’s doors, the employees eventually noticed the small dog and welcomed him inside.

As soon as the team arrived, they recognized the small pup as a past patient, and they were able to locate and contact the dog’s owner.

The dog was happy that his clever strategy had been successful, and he was overjoyed to be reunited with his owner.

Now that the dog is back at home, his owner is happy and pleased to have him back in his arms…

By Elen

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