An old, lonely dog who had never known what it was like to be loved and cared for; he had never experienced love even once in his life. This is the story of him.

This sad dog, named Ol Boy, was born on the streets and had no idea what it meant to have a forever loving home. He was able to survive by consuming air-conditioning water and leftover food that had been either thrown away or handed to him by passers.

For three days, this poor dog howled for attention, not because he was in need of love, but because he was injured and unable to walk…

When help arrived, it seems to be too late as the pup knew where he was headed and that he didn’t have much time. What was his final wish?

To be loved… He was covered in ticks and fleas all over his body, but who would want to take care of such a old dog? There are still people in our world that have more humanity than you can think…

Despite the fact that Ol Boy died, his final request was fulfilled…he died in the arms of those that cared about him… Oh and I’m still crying…

Please share this message with your friends so that we can all work together to help stray animals… They are deserving of affection and care.

View this video for more information. (PS: Be sure to have tissues on hand…)

By Elen

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