We’ve already seen and loved Shrek 2, the charming Spanish boot-clad cat who attracted our attention. The fascinating cat is renowned for his smooth nature and love of sword-fighting, but it is obvious that his most powerful weapon isn’t his sword, but his eyes.

It’s difficult not to melt when the brown cat blinks his large, beseeching eyes.
You’d think such pretty eyes could only exist in cartoons, but we’ve discovered a feline who is a perfect match for Puss in Boots!

Pisco is not only just a ginger cat like our favorite animated feline, but he also has Puss in Boots famous enormous eyes.

When you see his stunning eyes, you can’t help loving them, and those large eyes are attracting a lot of online followers.
Pisco has his own Instagram account, where he has almost 600,000 followers.

We, like everyone else, are totally in love with this cute animal.
Just staring into his eyes brightens the entire day, and we’re grateful to have been gifted with such sweetness.

By Anna

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