Bubba is a loyal puppy that was adopted from an Arizona rescue center six years ago.
When he was three months old, he was adopted by his mother, Rebecca Pizzelo, and since then, he has been living a caring life.

Bubba, the lovely Pit Bull, has always been very friendly and compassionate, and he enjoys meeting new friends wherever he goes.
He has a special love for cats because Pizezllo’s housemate was raising a litter of kittens around the time Bubba was adopted.

Growing up with the kittens has given Bubba a great passion for cats, and Pizzello knows that Bubba always had the desire of taking care of his own little feline.
Pizello recently found herself in a position where she could adopt and care for a feline, so she applied to a local animal shelter.

Bubba couldn’t believe his eyes when she brought a little cat named Rue into her house a short time later.
Bubba and Rue instantly fell in love, and they now have an everlasting friendship.

Bubba enjoys caring for his kitty baby sister, and Rue feels extremely comfortable with such a powerful and devoted guardian.
Both of them have their own Instagram accounts where they show their love towards each other, and it is heartwarmingly adorable.

Watch their heart-breaking video below:

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