Abigail and Brittany Hensel, who are sisters who were born joined at the hip, would want to introduce themselves. Even though they share the same body, each of them has their own distinct personality.

They have a single chest, three lungs, one abdomen, two arms, and two legs. However, even though they each have their own heart and stomach, they share the same blood supply.

They both have the same organs below the waist, and the spinal cords from both of their bodies finish in the same pelvis. After receiving warnings from their respective doctors that splitting them apart would be fraught with danger, the sisters came to the conclusion that it would be safer for them to remain together.

As they became older, the things that interested them and the way they shopped began to diverge.

While Abby likes being inside and is passionate about art, Brittany is more inclined to spend time outside and is curious about mathematics.

The sisters, despite their many individual distinctions, collaborate well as a unit.

They both attended college, obtained their driver’s licenses, and are now working as math teachers for younger children.

Abby has power over the individual’s right side of the body, while Brittany is in charge of the individual’s left side.

You may view a video about this story by clicking here.

The sisters demonstrate to us that it is possible to have a normal and happy life despite the fact that one or both of them has a physical disability.

By Elen

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