TMZ has learned that Jenelle Evans has submitted a petition to divorce her husband, David Eason.

According to sources who have firsthand knowledge of the situation, the former star of “Teen Mom” recently filed court documents in North Carolina indicating her intention to legally split from her husband. Although it does not seem that divorce is currently on the table, it seems that this is the next logical step in this situation.

The court application, which was published by The Sun, includes various allegations against David in terms of the reasons for wanting to break up. These allegations include claimed assertions of erratic conduct, drug misuse, and reluctance to work, among other concerns that Jenelle lists, including other unpleasant things.

Notes from the Sun Jenelle brings up the fact that DE evicted their beloved dog in the year 2019, and more recently, she mentions that he is presently facing criminal charges for allegedly assaulting her son Jace, who is a teenager.

The story was broken by us… After her son Jace, who was 14 years old at the time, ran away many times over the summer of 2017, Jenelle and David were accused of neglecting their kid. Reportedly, Jace reported to the authorities that David had attacked him after the third time he had done so.

This led to the local police conducting an investigation, which ultimately resulted in the arrest of David. Our sources informed us that Jace had noticeable marks on his arms and neck when he was picked up. As of right now, Eason is being charged with two different offenses: a misdemeanor for child abuse and a felony for assault by strangulation.

It was just a week ago… Jenelle was describing a recent attempt to break into her house in North Carolina; however, David’s name was conspicuously lacking from her account of the harrowing event that she was describing.

It is now clear to us why… It has been reported by The Sun that Jenelle is stating that the date of their separation is February 16; this form was reportedly submitted at some point around the end of the previous month, on February 23.

According to reports, Jenelle continues to level further charges against David, including the assertion that he has not checked in on her since they formally split… and that he is now residing aboard their yacht. She cites the fact that they had children together as evidence, as well as the rumor that he has disappeared from the public eye.

In spite of the fact that these documents do not constitute divorce in and of themselves, it seems that Jenelle has already requested primary physical custody of their daughter in addition to child support. They have a child together, Ensley, who is seven years old. Reportedly, she also sends a message that she wants to take control of the family home and the bulk of the assets that they have acquired over their marriage. To put it another way, it is showing signs of being a nasty uncoupling.

Jenelle has been contacted for comment; however, we have not received a response as of yet.

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