The tragic tragedy that took the life of Sean Garinger, who was most known for his appearances on the television show 16 and Pregnant with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gutierrez, has taken place. He was twenty years old.

Mary Hobbs, the reality star’s mother, told The United States Sun that the tragic event occurred on February 28. At the time, the reality star was transferring an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) from one parking place to another in front of his house in Boone, North Carolina. Gutierrez and the reality star had two children.

“He was just moving [the ATV] from one parking spot to the next for me, so I could back into park,” Hobbs told the news organization. “He pulled [in] front of me to park the ATV and the ground gave way from all the rain and mud.”

After that, the ATV turned over and “crushed” his head, according to Hobbs.

I raced to the neighbors in an attempt to find someone who might assist me in removing the ATV from his grasp. I received no response. She remembered that she had rushed back to him. “By that time, I realized he wasn’t alive anymore.”

Garinger was first shown to the audience for the first time when he made an appearance with Gutierrez in the sixth season of 16 and Pregnant. Over the course of five weeks, the reality series chronicled the experiences of five young women who became moms for the first time. Each of the five women fell pregnant for the first time.

During one of the episodes of the MTV program, Gutierrez’s mother sat down with the former couple and provided them with some stern advice to help them be ready for when they become parents.

“You all need to grow up within the next couple of days, you are babies having a baby,” she said at the point in time. “This baby came with a package, and that package is called responsibility.”

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According to the information provided in his obituary, Garinger is survived by his mother and his sisters, Shania, Lydia, Isabella, Ember, Kayden, and Casslyn. He is also survived by his children Dareli and Esmi, whom he shares with Gutierrez.

The birthplace of the MTV celebrity, Boone, was the location of a memorial ceremony that was conducted on Saturday to celebrate his life.

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