Despite the fact that Tish Cyrus was recently seen for the first time since she was accused of “stealing” her husband Dominic Purcell from her estranged daughter Noah, Mama Bear did not want to talk to her.

The mother of Miley Cyrus was seen on Wednesday in Beverly Hills, driving out of a parking garage in her Toyota SUV after having a bite to eat at a restaurant. As she was leaving, she had to avoid being questioned by a large number of photographers.It also seems that Dominic himself had joined her, since he was seen on video in a separate vehicle while parked outside the lot. This is consistent with the previous statement.

Tish is being harassed by photographers as a result of a story that was published this week that said Noah had a romantic relationship with Dominic first. The article further stated that this occurred before Tish had a relationship with Noah after her divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus in 2022.

However, Tish and Dominic are now happily married, but this story questions the order of events by saying that NC was seeing Dom first, and then her mom started going after him too. Tish was said to have known that Noah was with him.

If this is true, it’s not clear exactly when Noah dated Dominic or when her relationship with Dom stopped and her relationship with Tish began. According to the story, there may have been some overlap. Since Noah and Tish are no longer together, it’s safe to say that there is a lot of bad blood and anger over this supposed love triangle.

Fans have thought things weren’t going well in the Cyrus family ever since Miley didn’t name Billy in her Grammy winning speech earlier this month. The claims add another layer to what they see as family drama.

Also, Noah missed Tish’s wedding to Dominic, which means that the Cyrus brood is broken up.

In a recent show, Tish talked about how much she loves Dominic. She said that they kissed and sexted for hours on their first date and started saying “I Love You” the next day. She also said that she direct messaged him in 2022 after getting a message from him in 2016 that she didn’t see at the time.

“Distraught” over Tish “stealing” Dominic, Noah is said to be head over heels in love with Tish.

Any way you look at it, Tish isn’t ready to deal with the claims just yet. We’ve asked Tish and Noah for their thoughts, but haven’t heard back yet.

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