People opened their wallets and donated five figures to the animal shelter that Jon Stewart screamed out during the sad episode of the ‘Daily Show’. This was because Jon Stewart’s emotive discussion about the passing of his dog touched people’s hearts.

An emotional breakdown occurred on Monday when the comic expressed his sorrow at the passing of Dipper, his Brindle pit bull. The audience was so touched by the news that they began donating money to Animal Haven, the no-kill animal shelter in New York City where Jon had his first encounter with the puppy.

In an interview with TMZ, the executive director of the shelter, Tiffany Lacey, said… Since Jon mentioned Animal Haven in his homage to Dipper, the organization has received so many contributions that it has nearly reached $25,000 in total.

We have been informed that the funds are coming in from more than five hundred new contributors. These contributions will assist the shelter in paying for the regular care of their animals, as well as other expenses such as operational support, veterinary treatment, food, staff time, and dog walks.

Don’t I forget… According to Jon, he adopted Dipper from Animal Haven around twelve years ago, while his children were participating in a fundraising event for the shelter. He adopted the dog immediately after being introduced to it. A vehicle had struck the puppy in Brooklyn, and as a result, it was losing one of its legs.

Tiffany tells us that the flood of contributions is arriving at the perfect moment for Animal Haven… she adds that the shelter is at full capacity with more than one hundred rescue animals in their care, including three canine mothers who have just given birth to twenty pups.

We have been informed that Jon’s monologue has prompted some individuals to ask about adoptions, in addition to the financial promises that have been made, and Animal Haven is very appreciative to everyone who has reached out to them.

Tiffany reports that Animal Haven has also written out to Jon, expressing their gratitude and providing their regrets and sympathies to him during this time of mourning for his cherished friend.

The tribute that Jon gave was very poignant, and Tiffany informed us that others are also contributing to the cause by purchasing products from Animal Haven’s Amazon Wishlist. These items include anything from dog treats and blankets to other items.

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