The holiday season is a wonderful time for getting together with family and spending nice evenings. In this day and age, everyone is occupied with preparing mouthwatering meals and decorating their houses. One may say that the air has a mysterious character. The aroma of hot chocolate and buns may be detected in every direction.

During this time of year, we celebrate the holidays, experience joy, and give presents. Children are looking forward to the winter fairytale that is known as New Year’s Day since it is the day when the whole family gets together. This is in addition to the holidays and gifts that they get.

It was usually the case that Ekaterina’s mother came for the Christmas holidays later than the parents of the other children. This was because of the sort of employment that she had.

In spite of the fact that she was used to it, the fact that all of the other moms attended their Christmas performance but she did not was a source of disappointment for the young lady. The young lady was a talented vocalist in addition to being a diligent student. On each and every Christmas night, the young lady secretly hoped that her mother would come as swiftly as possible.

According to the plan, Katrin was going to give the solo performance during the Christmas show. Yesterday was a beautiful and happy day. The stage and the Christmas tree were both decorated by her and her friends first thing in the morning. Soon after, relatives of the family joined together to cheer on the children’s singing. Although she was positioned in the middle of the stage, Ekaterina sang her part well. The concert was successful, and in the end, presents were distributed to each and every child in attendance.

The most important gift, on the other hand, came to an end when the president of the college disclosed that another member of the audience was listening to the music behind her and encouraged her to enter the stage.

Imagine how surprised and excited the girl’s mother was when she went onto the stage of the performance. Despite the fact that she had arrived early and seen her daughter perform, she was pleased and ran to give her mother a great embrace. Her mother had still managed to come early. Catherine had just finished celebrating the most joyous Christmas of her whole life.

At the end of the day, there is nothing that is superior to and more precious than spending time with one’s family. In addition to the girl’s parents and other members of her family, the girl’s cherished mother, whom she hadn’t seen in a considerable amount of time, was there for Christmas. If you have a strong desire to make your New Year’s wishes come true and have at least a little bit of confidence in fairy tales, it turns out that you can make your desires come true.

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