Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara were really one of the most admired couples in Hollywood. Both of them radiated beauty and perfection in their performances. Prior to their decision to separate ways, the actress from “Modern Family” and the actor from “Magic Mike” had captivated the hearts of their audience for more than five years.

After seven years of being together, the pair astonished their many followers in July 2023 when they made the announcement that they were taking their relationship to the next level. Fans were taken aback when Manganiello was seen hanging out with actress Caitlin O’Connor, which occurred only a little over two months after he had ended his relationship with Vergara.

During their attendance at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in May of 2014, he and Vergara had their first encounter with one another. In the month that followed, the two individuals embarked on their very first date. In an interview with Haute Living, Manganiello said that Vergara had first attempted to distance herself from him after the two of them had gone on their first date. After her engagement with Nick Loeb came to an end, he went on to say that she was hesitant to move into a new relationship. In his conversation, he revealed that she did not follow his advice to remain unmarried if she want to do so.

The actress, to their good fortune, confirmed their connection in August of that year, and Manganiello made his proposal on Christmas Eve on the island of Kauai, which is located in the center of the Hawaiian islands. However, because of the overwhelming attention shown by the paparazzi in their relationship, he was forced to alter his preparations for the proposal. The story of how the actor proposed to Vergara was told by him. He communicated that:

“An whole speech was planned for me to deliver in Spanish. During the time when the sun was setting, I proposed to her by kneeling down and in Spanish. It was beyond amazing.

The wedding took place on November 22, 2015, at The Breakers Palm Beach resort, which is located in the state of Florida. The “Hot Pursuit” actress looked absolutely stunning in the Zuhair Murad wedding dress that she had especially designed for the occasion. The fact that the dress was made by more than thirty workers was disclosed by Grazia.

On the other hand, the couple was prepared to file for divorce some eight years after they had first separated. Page Six made the announcement that Vergara and Manganiello had split in July of 2023. This news was made public via the publication. According to the statement,

“We have come to the conclusion that it is best to get a divorce. In light of the fact that we are two individuals who really love and care about one another, we would like to respectfully request that our privacy be respected at this time as we navigate this new era of our lives.

The couple had been growing apart for some time and were putting some space between themselves, according to a person close to the couple who came out with the information. Additionally, Vergara celebrated her birthday in Italy during the same month, but she did not bring Manganiello or her wedding ring with her. The absence of Manganiello at Vergara’s birthday party was not something that fans failed to notice.

Immediately after the actress’s mysterious statement, her followers went to social media to ask her a variety of questions. One person said, “I am curious about the whereabouts of her husband because he has not been seen in any of the photographs or videos.” When the actor from “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” posted a simple birthday tribute on his Instagram account entitled “!!Feliz Cumpleaños Sofía!!!” (which translates to “Happy birthday Sofía” in Spanish), he caused more than a few eyebrows to be raised. The birthday tribute that he received was met with further queries from his fans.

“Am I the only one who doesn’t like the way it sounds? The question was posed by a fan.” The name “Sofía” does not even sound like “My love, My beloved wife.” One more supporter chimed in, saying, “Joe, I hope you guys are okay, that was a very different (cold) happy birthday wish to your wife, compare(d) to previous ones!”

People also learned from a source that the pair had “ups and downs for a long time” but that they did not make this information public when the actor from “True Blood” filed for divorce from Vergara.

The source went on to say that the two individuals “differ tremendously in terms of their sense of style and the activities that they enjoy doing.” However, when they were married, the couple gave their best effort to make things work out. It seemed as if the actor from “How I Met Your Mother” was moving on with the romantic element of his life when he was seen with Caitlin O’Connor, who is a star in “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty.” This occurred at the time that he was going through the divorce process with Sofia Vergara. At an unauthorized post-premiere party for the HBO movie about the Los Angeles Lakers’ peak in the 1980s, the actors reportedly had their first encounter in a hot tub. This information was provided by an insider.

More information on the first meeting between the two individuals was provided by the source. The source divulged the information that the after-party was “the first time they met in the hot tub and they were talking the whole time!” The celebration was held at the residence of Jim Hecht, who is recognized as the show’s executive producer.

Additionally, the source said that the two were “casually seeing each other at this point.” The actress who appeared in “Electric Love” was said to be “a lovely girl,” while the actor was said to have “seemed like a great guy.” During the same month of September 2023, the two were seen on camera leaving together in the automobile that belonged to the actor who played “Sabotage” after working out at a Gold’s Gym in Venice, California.

TMZ was told by a different source that the actor and O’Connor bonded with one another due to the fact that they both hail from Pittsburgh when they first met in August. Although the actor is originally from Mount Lebanon, O’Connor was born and raised in Uniontown.

While the actor is flourishing in his new casual relationship, Vergara has been keeping herself busy with her own activities. Following the celebration of her birthday with her pals in the month of July, the actress from “Chasing Papi” moved on to become a judge on the 18th season of “America’s Got Talent.”

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