The Golden Globe Awards were held in Beverly Hills, and a lot of famous people were seen walking down the red carpet there. One of them was the very beautiful actress Salma Hayek. She appeared at the occasion dressed to the nines in her extravagant getup.

The charming star is able to pull off an appearance that belies her actual age.

The actress made her appearance in front of the paparazzi wearing a show-stopping Gucci outfit with a plunging neckline. The garment was covered with a multitude of stones that sparkled in the light. In addition, Hayek accentuated the appearance of her eyes by applying shimmering shadows and putting on a pair of brilliant diamond earrings.

“I would want to report that I traveled on a plane from Europe to the United States, and instantly transformed like this. However, as a matter of fact, it required a whole army of beautiful people to get me on the red carpet, the actress said on social networks.

By Elen

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