In the most recent ad being run by Proenza Schouler, Pamela Anderson’s makeup-free lifestyle is the focal point of attention.

The celebrity, who is 56 years old, is featured in the Spring 2024 campaign of the label, where she models the brand’s most recent items and displays her natural shine.

Anderson was seen sitting on a metal chair while wearing a black button-down coat over a ribbon mesh dress according to a single photograph that was uploaded to the Instagram account of Proenza Schouler on January 3. On her right hand, which she used to tie a nylon bag on her lap, there was a little splash of color on her nails. She was trying to draw attention to this. Her hair was combed back down to expose her face, which was devoid of makeup.

While wearing a button-down jacket over a nylon jersey top and boyfriend jeans, Anderson was seen in another picture that was posted on the website of the label. She was seated on a colorful chair, which was the same color as her manicure and pedicure! In order to round off her outfit, she wore black sandals with a beige toe ring.

For the campaign, Anderson is featured in a total of six photographs. In the end, her hair, which has been caressed by the sun, is brushed away from her face, exposing her naked skin, finely arched brows, and shiny lips.

The actress who played Pamela in A Love Story continues to be honest with herself and the truth about where she is in her quest toward beauty.

As the year 2023 drew to a conclusion, Anderson appeared in a new ad for The Laundress without any cosmetics on her face.

Her description of doing laundry as a “self-care ritual” was used in the “Love at First Wash” commercial created by the company.

Regarding the procedure, she described it as “meditative.”

Additionally, she made a fresh-faced appearance in a Pandora commercial earlier this year, where she discussed the process of forging her own route from the beginning.

“I do not believe that I am someone who follows trends. I would much rather be the one who sets the trends,” she adds. She revealed her thoughts at the time, saying, “I believe that being a pioneer and being yourself is difficult to do in a world that is telling you to be something else.”

Additionally, Anderson has been seen at a number of occasions without makeup, including Paris Fashion Week and the 2023 Fashion Awards, among others.

The author of Love, Pamela described the act of not wearing makeup as “freeing, fun, and a little rebellious too.”

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