The young daughter is said to have heard her mother screaming as she was on the phone with a mental health institution in order to arrange for her brother to be put under the care of the facility.

Jennifer Crumrine sobbed, “He is stabbing me,” as she sobbed. “I’m being stabbed by him.”

According to the affidavit of probable cause that was seen by PEOPLE, Kasey Crumrine, who is 27 years old and subsequently described the event to the police, reportedly followed the screaming and observed her brother, Connor P. Crumrine, who is 23 years old, “actively stabbing” their mother. As a result, she dialed 911.

Connor reportedly started making threats against the Florida family on Christmas night, which caused their plans to go on a cruise the day after Christmas to be derailed.

In the affidavit, Nicholas Wrasse, who works for the Major Crimes Unit of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, wrote that Connor “began making statements to the family trying to teach them how to get into a fetal position and making statements about heaven and hell.” Wrasse also stated that Connor made “a finger gun gesture towards them.”

Connor allegedly instructed his sister, Savannah Crumrine, who is 25 years old, to “sleep face down tonight so that he can take her to heaven and keep her from going to hell,” according to the investigator’s interpretation of the conversation. Savannah Crumrine subsequently reported this information to the police.

After some time had passed, Connor’s sisters reported to the authorities that their mother and two sisters had slept in turns with their bedroom doors shut. In accordance with the affidavit, the mother informed Kasey the next morning that she would be forgoing the family vacation in order to facilitate the placement of Connor at Charlotte Behavioral Health Care for the purpose of receiving mental health assistance.

Nevertheless, according to the affidavit, Connor “started procrastinating getting ready” when Jennifer informed him of the change in plans.

The affidavit states that while Jennifer’s daughter Kasey was on the phone with the center seeking assistance, Connor reportedly started stabbing their mother. Jennifer had instructed Kasey to contact the hotline for assistance. As she attempted to disarm her brother, Kasey was slashed across the finger as she reached for Connor’s knife after she had finished her conversation with the center and gotten off the phone.

According to the complaint, Savannah “then tackled Connor and began actively wrestling with him for control over the knife during which time Kasey attempted to provide lifesaving efforts to Jennifer.” Savannah then phoned 911 after seeing the commotion that was occurring.

On the morning of December 26, shortly after 7:15 a.m., the Road Patrol Unit of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene and discovered Jennifer bleeding from a gaping neck wound. According to the affidavit, Connor was clutching a knife and was “on top of his sister, Savannah, in his bedroom, with the two actively engaged in a struggle.” However, the document also said that Connor “was not actively using” the weapon “at the time.”

According to the complaint, sheriff’s officers tased and jailed Connor after he reportedly disobeyed “multiple commands” from the individuals inside their department.

Jennifer was rushed to Fawcett Memorial Hospital with injuries that were considered to be life-threatening; however, she finally passed away. A slight cut on Kasey’s hand was treated there by the medical staff.

Savannah was brought to Gulf Coast Medical Center for treatment after she had been stabbed in the upper back and had additional small injuries to her hands and arms. Connor, on the other hand, was taken to Shore Point Health of Port Charlotte for treatment of a minor hand laceration of his own.

According to his online arrest and court records, Connor is facing charges of three counts of aggravated battery with the use of a dangerous weapon and one count of resisting an officer without violence. These charges were brought against him.

PEOPLE has been informed by the clerk’s office at the Charlotte County Justice Center that Connor has not been charged in connection with the passing of his mother. According to the clerk’s office, Connor has not yet entered a plea to the charges, and legal representation has not been appointed to him.

According to the clerk’s office, Connor’s bail was set at $710,000 at his first court appearance on December 27. In addition, as terms for his release, he was ordered to have no contact with his sisters and to not possess any guns or weapons.
Connor is not permitted to interact with his sisters “orally or in any written form,” per the no contact order that was accessed by PEOPLE. Additionally, he is not permitted to be within 500 feet of his sisters’ residence, place of work, or car, nor is he permitted to have any “physical or violent contact” with them or their property.

His arraignment is scheduled to take place on January 29.

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