What is your recollection of Maggie and Ralph from the film “The Thorn Birds”? 🤭 Looking at them now, forty years later, the great actors who starred in the blockbuster miniseries look like this! 😳🤌

Presented here are R. Chamberlain and R. Ward, who, in “The Thorn Birds,” had outstanding performances as Ralph and Maggie, respectively. It is a well-known miniseries that was first shown in 1983 and rapidly became a phenomenon, capturing the attention of millions of people all over the globe.

In addition to being a Golden Globe winner, the well-known actor who played Ralph is also a winner. Rachel played the role of Maggie. Bryan Brow, who portrayed the role of Luke, Maggie’s husband, was the character that Ward was romantically involved with.

The bond they had on screen ultimately resulted in marriage, which in turn led to the birth of three children. As of right now, Richard is 89 years old, yet he continues to wow his devoted followers with his magnetism.

Nine years ago, he made the decision to choose a new route and announced his retirement, which came as a tremendous surprise to everyone. His professionalism and great skill continue to get recognition from a few individuals. On the other hand, individuals who formerly idolized Maggie are hardly recognizable now.

On the other hand, the lead actors of the popular miniseries continue to be the most popular among their devoted followers. Take a peek at them right now, and then let us know what you think!

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